Frequently Asked Questions

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What's AirView wireless touchscreen?

AirView wireless touchscreen is a new generation display monitor support touchable wirelessly. It can be used as normal external screen or smartphone desktop touchscreen.

What's different of AirView wireless touchscreen with other screens?

Other touchscreen or monitors are NOT wirelessly touchable. Please see comparison section of the product page. AirView is more advanced that support wirelessly smartphone desktop. Give you more flexiblities and convenient of any usages.

How long will delivery take?

Once the crowdfunding done, AirView will free delivery to you. Please support and make you orders ASAP to get them on time quickly.

How secure is shopping in here? Is my data protected?

Now AirView can be ordered from crowdfunding website such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo, and from our official website as well. All orders are secured. If just pre-order, all your submitted data just for lock your ordered stock available for you.

What exactly happens after ordering?

We will arrange your product and send out ASAP. Please make sure your collecting address is up to day.

Do I get support of my product usages?

We are here online to support you for any issues of your usage. Please send us your buzz for any feedback. We are look forward to hearing from you.

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