Frequently Asked Questions

How to charge and tune on AirView1 correctly?

Once you got the AirView1 please use the red head power cable with original adapter to charge the AirView1 at least one hour then turn on. If AirView1 no power it will shut down immediately.

Why AirView1 keeps restarting when turn it on?

Please unplug any data cables while power on. As it will detect should it be in wireless mode or wired mode during the starting. After it’s completely started, then plugin cable if you need.

Why my iOS cannot be wireless touchable on AirView1?

Please make sure your iOS/iPad OS is NOT higher 13.3.x. New iOS issue incompatible that needs Apple to fix.

Does the AirView1 have automatic rotation function?

Automatic rotation for Android and manual rotation for iOS.

Do I have to use the same WiFi if I want to use a wireless connection? Can I use it without WiFi?

Airview has a built-in WIFI own SSID. No LAN is required. It can be used in outdoor without WIFI environment.

For AirView1 how to wireless touch on Windows10

Download a APP call “Anydesk” run it on your Android phone, and also run its Windows10 version together. Alternatively, download a APP call “remote desktop” from Microsoft run it on your Android phone. Then connect to your Windows10. Once you connected, your smartphone can remote control your Windows10. Final step, AirView connect WIFI and bluetooth to your same Android smartphone, then AirView control your smartphone including control APP of remote desktop for your Windows10.

The touch control logic is: AirView -> smartphone -> Windows10.

When using Airview1 to connect to Nintendo Switch, do I still need to use power adapter?

Not necessary. Airview1 can charge Nintendo Switch. However, if the Nintendo Switch has no power, it will consume a lot of power.

How long is the lag delay (ms)?

AirView1 is about 4ms.

Does AirVIew1 support Samsung Dex mode?

AirView1 is support Samsung DeX. For touchable it needs model NOT higher S9/S9+, Note9/Note9+